Every year WPJA hosts the largest wedding photography competitions in the world judged by panels of award-winning photojournalists and designers. Competitions, which are held quarterly and open only to WPJA members, are part of the association’s commitment to upholding the highest standards in wedding photojournalism. Membership in WPJA requires rigorous standards in technical skill, aesthetics and best business practices.
The 2010 Q3 Photography Contest showcases the wedding photojournalism of WPJA members throughout the 2010 year in 12 categories. From 13,686 entries only 240 finalists were selected.
We have just found out that 3 of our images have placed in the top twenty in the worlds biggest wedding photography competition. Our highest placed image finished up in 4th place. Considering the 13,686 entries this is quite an achievement.
Below are the judges comments and our international Award winning images.

JUDGES COMMENTS: Window lighting adds to a sweet moment of a little girl as she looks up admiringly at the bride. The photo is framed beautifully with the veil and flowers catching side light of the bride focusing on the little girl. Black and white adds to the simplicity of the image.

JUDGES COMMENTS: Good timing combines with good light to capture a moment so ordinary one can almost hear the expression of relief in the room as the bride approves her “look” with a faint smile that hints of a deep sigh of resignation. Such is the power of a photograph, its ability to communicate the benign in a way that speaks to all; to preserve a fleeting and fragile moment into something as solid as a monument. I like this photo. It’s bare-bones, rock-solid photojournalism.

JUDGES COMMENTS: This image works not only due to excellent composition (perhaps the best of any in this judging) but due to a single tiny detail, the smiling interaction of the bride with the band. That one element transforms it all.