After Dark Wedding Photography

Night wedding photography looks amazing – but not everyone can pull it off.

Ryan Browne Photography is renowned for after dark wedding photography – delivering unique and stylish wedding pictures that couples always want to hang on their wall.

Our after dark photo shoots are always fun – not only do they give a couple the rare chance to spend 10 minutes of the day alone together but they ALWAYS create beautiful photos with that ‘wow factor’

With experience of close to 600 weddings and a 20-year photography career, I have the knowledge and training to give my clients the best wedding photography possible under any conditions – day or night.

Night photography is a hard skill to master but the results can be breathtaking.

Some of the most amazing wedding photography comes by night, whether it’s the sun setting, fireworks lighting up the sky, the venue’s lighting or the bright, colourful lights from musicians and DJs.

Delamere Manor wedding

Kate and Grant, who married at Delamere Manor (pictured above), loved their after dark wedding photography.

They said: “Ryan’s stylistic composition was immaculate. We particularly loved his after dark shoots and Kate (who dislikes rain) considered that Ryan’s stunning wet photography would remedy any grey weather on the day.

There were no lengths he wouldn’t go to in order to capture the best photo – including climbing trees, lying in long grass and running around the edge of the estate to capture the fireworks.”


Duncombe Park Wedding Photography

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Allerton Castle wedding photography