Hindu Wedding Cheshire | Bobbie and Prav

Marked in my diary were the words ‘Prav and Bobbie – Hindu Wedding Cheshire’ underneath I had written ‘have an early night’ because the wedding was the longest I have ever shot, a full 17 hours! Bobbie and Prav opted to have their traditional Hindu Wedding at the beautifully decorated family home in Middlewich, Cheshire where Bobbie got dressed for the ceremony. Prav and Bobbie wore traditional Indian clothing for the ceremony. Prav impressively arrived on horseback with all of the family behind him in procession. (What a glorious sight it must have been for the families and neighbours!) The guests then enjoyed breakfast and the reception in the front garden. After all of the traditional Hindu rituals had taken place I had a few moments to take some pictures of this gorgeous couple and their wedding party before they all disappeared to change into western clothes. Prav wore a luxurious purple suit and Bobbie wore a beautiful pink dress. Guests changed into morning suits and dresses. The entire event was wonderfully organised and toast mastered on the day by Jonathan from Asian Wedding Toastmasters. Once changed Prav, Bobbie and their guests were directed to the back garden where there was a very stylishly decorated marquee where guests were treated to traditional Indian food and the speeches. After this the party went on well in to the night, with the garden beautiful lit different colours giving a magical effect to the end of a perfect day.
Congratulations to Prav and Bobbie for getting married and creating such a memorable day for yourselves, your family and your friends to remember.

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